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Introducing a Business Opportunity Where
We Drink Wine, Entertain, Educate
and Make Money!

Looking for a leading-edge opportunity in the wine industry? Become a wine consultant! Why is this one of the perfect wine jobs among all the wine jobs in the wine industry? You host wine tastings, entertain and educate, and make money!

Why Become a Wine Consultant

As an independent wine consultant for WineShop At Home, you’ll earn great income while talking about, learning about, and drinking wine. You’ll host in-home wine tastings where groups of up to 12 people gather to sample and buy wine, while you demonstrate wine tasting tips and showcase WineShop At Home’s wines.

Among one of the ever growing popular wine jobs, being a wine consultant is fun and festive, and it’s not simply “one of those wine sales jobs.”

I’ve been a wine consultant for more than five years, and I love it. I’m building a successful wine consultant team and would love to have you join us. Some of the key benefits of being an independent wine consultant:

About WineShop At Home

WineShop At Home is the premier winery in the direct sales arena. We have a delicious and acclaimed selection of exclusive wines that we bring to people’s homes to conduct private wine tastings. We give each of our tasting guests the chance to try our wines before they buy, and we offer fabulous wines at a fantastic value. We also offer one of the leading wine clubs in the world along with a terrific line of gifts.

If you’re looking for an extraordinary opportunity in wine jobs, wine sales jobs or as a wine consultant, I would love to talk to you. Please contact me to begin your wine consultant adventure today!


    1. Dennis, please send me an email to betty@winetastingsandmore. I’ll respond with all kinds of information.

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