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Personalized Wine Labels

Add the perfect touch to your next special occasion with bottles of wine featuring personalized wine labels. Why are personalized wine labels so great? They allow you to get your own special message across in a truly memorable – and yummy – way.

In olden days, you would be touched if you got a bottle of personalized wine, but you’d be reluctant to drink it due to concerns about poor quality. Thankfully, with WineShop At Home’s personalized wine labels, the wine is excellent. So your gift recipients will get delicious wine, along with a heartfelt label on the bottle.


Here are just a few ways you can use personalized wine labels:


At your wedding: Feature your wedding photo on bottles used for centerpieces, attendee gifts, bridal party gifts or to serve at the reception.

At a friend’s wedding: Gift the couple with personalized bottles of wine.

For business: Use personalized wine labels as thank-you gifts. If you are doing a major product launch, order a personalized magnum featuring the creatives from the launch. The personalized magnum comes with a pen for writing on bottles, which will allow all of the participants to sign the bottle.

For your personal life: Use personalized wine labels for birthdays, holidays, family reunions, class reunions and any other special occasions. A personal favorite is sparkling wine featuring little ones in a bubble bath with the message “Everything is better with bubbles!”


For personalization, we offer a Chardonnay, a Merlot, a Cabernet and a Sparkling Wine, all under WineShop At Home’s Talmage Cellars label. You can order personalized wines by the case (12 bottles), half case (6 bottles) or gift box. To see all of the options available, please visit my WineShop At Home Personalized Wine page.

Creating the label is simple. All that is required is a high-resolution jpg file and any words you would like added to or below the photo. We recommend using a horizontal photo, because it makes better use of the label space. You can also use one of our library photos. You’ll find all kinds of great options, including photos for holidays, weddings, babies, animals and much more. The turnaround time for personalized wine-label orders is is a week. Here are just a few examples. To see all 37 possibilities for personalized wine labels, please visit our Image Gallery. Please email me when you are ready to start creating your label. Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.40.50 PM Save
I offer several other wine services that make great accompaniments to personalized wine labels:
  • Wine tastings are an incredibly fun way to try great wine before you buy in the comfort of your home or office. If your personalized wines are for a wedding, consider doing a wine tasting for one of the bridal showers. If your personalized wines are for a business event or birthday, again consider complementing the personalized wines with a wine tasting. Everybody is guaranteed to have a good time. For more details on how a wine tasting works, please visit my Wine Tastings page.
  • Our lead-free stemware pairs perfectly with personalized wine for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts and other gifts.