Betty's Wine Musings

Great Business Management Opportunity

Most people know the benefits of a home-based business:

This last benefit – being your own boss – is huge. You become a business manager the moment you sign up with a home-based business. You get to determine how hard you’re going to work, who you’re going to call, where you’re going to network, etc.

But that is business management on a small scale. With a home-based business, you can choose to do business management on a small scale or a large scale. What’s the difference?

With WineShop At Home, large-scale business management means becoming a Team Leader! The formula to become a WineShop At Home Team Leader is “three plus me,” all working the business.

What are the benefits to you?


WineShop At Home is a growing Napa winery that sells its wines through in-home tastings led by independent wine consultants. The company is small but growing quickly. Right now, the company has about 1,000 active consultants.

The business management opportunity with WineShop At Home puts you on the ground floor with one of the most exciting direct sales companies around.

WineShop At Home’s Betty Kaufman has been a leader with the company for many years. She will help you get your business started, work with you to achieve a leadership position, and be with you all the way. Please click her name at the top of the website to learn more about her.

Give it a try!

We are excited about the unique opportunity WineShop At Home offers people interested in business management with a direct sales company. We would love to talk to you about your interest.