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Virtual Wine Tastings

Many of us who are working from home aren’t feeling the camaraderie that comes with working with others, even if we’re on Zoom for hours a day. Many of us are just feeling lonely, because we don’t have the opportunity to meet people in person.

This Leads Us to Two Big Questions

  • For businesses: How do you find a good virtual team-building activity that will help restore some of the goodness of being on a productive, fun work team?
  • For individuals: How do you find something fun to do to virtually bring together friends and family?

The Big Answer: Wine!

Hosting a virtual wine tasting is the perfect way to bring together people for an hour of pure unadulterated fun. For family and friends, it’s sheer joy. For companies, it’s a great team-building activity.

Why are Virtual Tastings so Great?

Virtual wine tastings are a pretty effortless way to bring an hour of fun to your colleagues, your team members, your clients, other business partners, your friends and your family.

You get to do these tastings from the comfort of your home. If it’s for a business team, you get to do it at happy-hour time, which will make everybody feel extra happy.


What Makes a WineShop At Home Virtual Tasting Extra Special?

  • You get to taste delicious artisan wines made by our fantastic winemaker Alex Reble.
  • It’s a great try-before-you-buy opportunity.
  • I will lead you through the tasting, adding a lot of fun information and a lot of chance for you to ask questions.
  • It’s FUN!


How Do Virtual Tastings Work?

I do my virtual tastings over Zoom. Once we schedule the tasting, I send you the Zoom link, along with recommendations for wine-friendly food to have at the tasting. I send 3 or 4 bottles to each participating household. For a 3-bottle tasting, the cost per household typically is between $80 and $100. For a 4-bottle tasting, the cost per household typically is between $110 and $140. Most of my hosts pick up the entire cost of the tasting and, if appropriate, work with the participants to collect money.

Where Can You Do a Virtual Tasting?

WineShop At Home, the Napa winery I work for, is approved to lead tastings in 41 states. So, if you’re in one of those states, I can lead a tasting. For many of my workgroup tastings, we have people in multiple states. The only consideration with multiple locations is to remember that it takes longer to get wine from Napa to say New York than to another location in California. So, we need to leave enough time to make sure the wines can reach each participant.

How Can I Learn More?

I would love to lead a virtual tasting for you. Please fill in the form below.


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