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Celebrating the Women Winemakers of Livermore

Last weekend, in the San Jose Mercury News, I read an article about the women winemakers of Livermore. What a great read, and what a wonderful inspiration to taste some of those wines. Yesterday, I tried my first one: Rosa Fierro Cellars. I can’t wait to taste all the others. Today, I’m going to talk about that wonderful tasting. I’m leveraging a lot of the copy from the winery’s website, because it says things better than I can. So, thank you to the winery for your great copy.

About Rosa Fierro Cellars

Rosa Fierro Cellars’s tagline is “Big, Bold, Beautiful Wines for Beautiful People.” Wow. It doesn’t get any better than that. Does it? And doesn’t that sound like the words of a wise woman?

Rosa Fierro Cellars is a 100 percent woman-owned winery that specializes in making hand-crafted, limited-production, award-winning wines from Livermore and Napa Valleys.  Their wines are made from small vineyards of 12 acres or less with a limited production of 50 to 200 cases each, and are hand-crafted at their production facility in Livermore.  They use the highest quality fruit, and their annual production is approximately 1,000 cases.

About Rosa Fierro, the Owner and Winemaker

Rosa Fierro
Rosa Fierro

Winemaker Rosa Fierro (or Rosie, as she is known) first fell in love with wine in 2009 while working in a tasting room in Livermore where she assisted the winemaker with harvesting grapes and making port in the garage.  She was totally hooked and soon began making her own wines at a production facility in Livermore, where she was lucky enough to work side by side with some of the greatest winemakers in Livermore Valley.  They became her mentors, teaching and encouraging her to make the highest quality wines possible.

In 2014, she opened Rosa Fierro Cellars where her friends and family enjoy helping her with everything winery related. Rosie’s goal is to make great wines and have fun doing it!

The Tasting

It was so much fun to have Rosie lead our tasting. We tried five beautiful wines and happily went home with our two favorites, a bottle of Cabernet and Merlot. What I got out of all their wines was a great sense of balance. The tastes were very well integrated. It wasn’t like one wine screamed acidity and nothing else and another screamed berries and nothing else. Lots of complexity. Lots of layers. Really high-quality wine. While I am eager to try the other Livermore-women winemakers’ wines, I know I will return to Rosa Fierro Cellars.

Have you tried any o the Livermore-women winemakers’ wines? Do you have any favorites

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Cheers, Betty Kaufman
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