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Join My WineShop Team, and Earn a Trip to Spain!
Join My WineShop Team, and Earn a Trip to Spain!

It’s true! You can join my WineShop team, and earn a trip to Spain!

Being an independent wine consultant with WineShop At Home has many benefits. One of the best is the FREE trips!

In my nine years as a wine consultant, I’ve earned trips to Santa Barbara, Spain, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Cancun, the Caribbean, Italy and Jamaica!

It’s hard to say which trip was my favorite. So many great memories from each. I can tell you that I’m incredibly excited that in January 2016, we are heading back to Barcelona, Spain! I can’t wait!

You’re probably wondering what it takes to earn one of these great trips. For starters, you need to join my team as a wine consultant. To learn more about this opportunity, please visit my Wine Jobs page.

The trip is an incentive trip designed to reward the people who are really committed to growing successful wine businesses. So once you join my team, you will need to commit to working — and having fun with — all aspects of your business.

Wine Tastings

You will lead six to 10 tastings per month. You’ll do a few at your home but most at other people’s homes. You will talk to everybody you know about hosting a tasting. To learn more about wine tastings, please visit my Wine Tastings page.


You will recruit two to three new team members each month and help them get started with the business. You will recruit your first couple of team members in your first few weeks, reaching out to great friends and encouraging them to be partners in crime. And don’t worry about having to take care of your team members. I will be right there with you to help them get started.

Becoming a Leader

One of the best things about qualifying for a WineShop At Home incentive trip is that your wine business really takes off. You become a leader in the company, which means extra income for you, and you have a great time growing a successful business and a successful team.

If wine, travel and a successful home business get you excited, please join my WineShop team. We will have a ton of fun WINEing together 🙂



As an independent wine consultant with WineShop At Home, I absolutely enjoy bringing a taste of the Napa wine country home to you one sip at a time. Whether you simply love to drink wine, seek a special personalized wine gift, or are in search of a new wine jobs opportunity as a wine consultant, feel free to contact me for a truly unique wine tasting experience!

Cheers, Betty Kaufman
WineShop At Home

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