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Instead of Staycation, Cabernetcation


Staycation has become a popular term over the last few years, and rightly so. Staying home for your vacation can be a really nice treat, especially if you enjoy yourself and, of course, have some fun. A great way to have fun on your staycation is to host an in-home wine tasting for you and your friends. An in-home wine tasting is likely to take your staycation up at least a few notches. I affectionately call a wine-tasting-enhanced staycation a Chardonnaycation or a Cabernetcation.

As an independent wine consultant with WineShop At Home (, I lead wine tastings in people’s homes, enabling people to upgrade their staycations to Chardonnay- or Cabernet-cations. I essentially bring the wine country right to them.

Here is what I’ve learned from my experiences hosting wine parties on these Chardonnaycations and Cabernetcations. It’s all about:

1. The people. When you surround yourself with people you enjoy, you can’t help but have fun.

2. Relaxing. In our busy lives, we rarely take the time to sit back and relax. To really appreciate wine tasting, relaxing is exactly what we need to do – shut out distractions, slow down and enjoy.

3.  Feeling comfortable. When you visit a winery tasting room, you might feel intimidated and even nervous about asking a question. In the comfort of your own home or a friend’s home, you can ask away!. You want to feel completely comfortable when tasting wine, so you can be fully open to the experience.

4. Having fun. Wine is made for enjoyment. When tasting wine, you want to let a layer of enjoyment envelop your experience. Being in a comfortable environment with people you like is a great way to do that. Add even more enjoyment by toasting each person in the room. Really take the time to have fun.

I’d love to know how wine has played into your staycations and whether you think an in-home wine tasting would take your staycation up a few notches. Please share your thoughts here!

As an independent wine consultant with WineShop At Home, I absolutely enjoy bringing a taste of the Napa wine country home to you one sip at a time. Whether you simply love to drink wine, seek a special personalized wine gift, or are in search of a new wine jobs opportunity as a wine consultant, feel free to contact me for a truly unique wine tasting experience!

Cheers, Betty Kaufman
WineShop At Home

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  1. I agree that taking time to relax is not a luxury, it’s essential living a balanced life. And what better way to relax than to kick back with some good friends and great wine!

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