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Is It Time for Some Rainy-Day Wines?

In California, it’s raining cats and dogs – and we are thrilled. Perhaps this could be the start of the end of our years-long drought. It’s very exciting, in spite of some bad damage and the death of a child. I hope and pray for the people who have been impacted. But I’m ready to celebrate the rain and talk about good rainy-day wines. How about you?

Rainy-day wines are so very fine
Rainy-day wines are so very fine

How About Some Big-Bad Reds?

VoyagerVino says that red wines warm you up wonderfully. Here are the reasons they give:


  • High alcohol to warm your throat
  • Noticeable earthiness to match the soil and rain smell
  • Big body to warm up your palate


The first red wine I think of to do this is Cabernet Sauvignon. The dark fruit and spices would warm me up very quickly. Kind of like being enfolded in a cozy blanket.


The second big-bad red I think of is Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon’s sibling that has more vegetal notes and aromatics – including green peppers and graphite. These aromatics perfectly match the smell of rain falling on concrete.

What if You Don’t Like Big-Bad Reds?

If you’re not a big-bad red fan, you could go for a lighter red. A Grenache with wonderful red fruit flavors and a bit of spice on the backend would be a welcome rainy-day refreshment.


Well Red Wine Mag even recommends Pinot Noir, a wine that we often associate with summer. But they argue that “The subtle earthy and savory nuances nourish your soul. All while the gorgeous red fruit dances on your palate, in turn brightening up the doom and gloom of the weather that surrounds.” They also talk about the adaptability of Pinot, saying that it will go with many “broody” winter dishes like mushroom risotto and duck cassoulet.

What if You Only Drink White Wine?

Not to worry. There are plenty of good white rainy-day wines. Your best bet is to look for a full-bodied white wine such as a Chenin Blanc or a Roussane. As I mentioned earlier, that full body warms your palate.


I would love to hear what you drink when it’s rainy outside. If you have some favorite rainy-day wines that I didn’t mention, please share them here. Thanks.

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Cheers, Betty Kaufman
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