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I’m Stressed. I Need Some Wine.

After living in my beautiful home in Mountain View, CA for 25+ years, I’m heading north – to OR or WA. This move will be very sad for me, but I’m looking at it as a new adventure. The most exciting part of the move is that I get to retire! I will continue to do my wine business, which I love. But I get to say goodbye to a 35-year career in high-tech marketing. Can you say I’m excited?!?! But how do I feel right now? I’m stressed. The movers are here today, along with general contractors. I need some wine!


I'm stressed. I need wine.
I’m stressed. I need some wine.

The Stress of Moving

I’ve never enjoyed moving. So, I do it as rarely as possible. In my life, I’ve moved only eight times. This will be my ninth time, and hopefully my last.


Why is moving so stressful? Newness can be stressful. Will I like my new home? Will I like my new neighborhood?


And then there are the practical questions. Will the move go smoothly? Will the sale of my house go smoothly? Will the purchase of a new house go smoothly?


Most importantly, you need to look at the emotional questions. Will I miss my friends and my family? Yes! Will I be able to create a new community? Hopefully.

The Happiness of Moving

It’s a new adventure! I get to explore a whole new place! New walking spots. New hiking spots. New gym. New grocery stores (thankfully Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are up there). New restaurants (Portland has great ones).


I have rainy weather to look forward to. I’m actually looking forward to that. This winter in CA was a good one for me to get used to rain 🙂


I have friends up north that I will get to see more often! Plus, friends and family are introducing me to their friends and family. So, I’ll get to meet wondeful new people.

I Need Some Wine

Okay. So we’ve looked at the bad sides and the good sides of moving. But guess what. I need some wine! I’ll be moving in about six weeks. I’ve set aside 9 bottles to hold me over. Do you think that will be enough? I certainly hope so. In a worst case, I will go to my wonderful local wine bar, Rootstock, which I happily went to yesterday. It’s a great place to get wonderful flights of wine along with tasty munchies.


I would be incredibly grateful (grapeful :)) if you could share any moving recommendations you have with me. Thanks.


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Cheers, Betty Kaufman
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