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This week, I’m delighted to share an infographic created by Joe Roberts, a certified wine specialist, on how to properly chill and open Sparkling Wine. I especially love Joe’s comment about adding salt to lower the freezing point of ice water, keeping bottles colder longer. That is something I didn’t know. I also really like his infographic. Working for a digital marketing company by day, I create infographics for my high-tech clients on a regular basis. It’s a pleasure to see that an infographic can be used effectively in the wine world.


A Few More Details on How to Chill and Open Sparkling Wine

I can’t resist adding a few more notes about how best to enjoy Sparkling Wine.

  • Opening Sparkling Wine: Remove enough foil from the top of the bottle to show the cork, which is covered by a wire cage with a handle. Pull the cage handle away from the side of the cage and turn it six times. Carefully remove the cage, while keeping your thumb on the top of the cork and lodging the bottom of the bottle into your rib cage area. Point the bottle away from people and breakable objects. Slowly twist the bottle, not the cork, and get ready for the cork to emerge with a small sigh. The smaller the sigh, the happier the bubbles.
  • Pouring sparkling wine: Place your thumb into the dimple at the bottom of the bottle, known as the punt, and splay your fingers across the bottom sides of the bottle. Pour a small splash into the bottom of each glass. (This helps the rest of the wine stick to the bottom of the glass, so you don’t have overflowing glasses.) Then return to each glass, filling it three quarters full with sparkling wine.


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