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Today, I’m delighted to share a fantastic blog entitled “Health Effects of Red Wine – How Moderate Drinking Can be Good For You.” This article was written by Gerard Paul who writes and muses over at ManyEats. When he isn’t found with a glass of wine (or a cup of coffee), he’s found at the keys writing about food and drink.

Health Effects of Red Wine :)
Health Effects of Red Wine 🙂

Paul’s Article

While I’ve written a number of articles on the health benefits of red wine, I have to say that Paul’s article provided the most thorough discussion of this subject. Please click here to read his entire article. I’ll provide the highlights below.

The French Paradox

Paul highlights the French Paradox, a phenomenon where French people have a lower risk of heart disease, despite a diet that’s full of rich foods and saturated fats – and wine!

Active Ingredients in Red Wine

Paul talks about the health benefits of resveratrol, flavanols and flavonols (did you know there were two? I didn’t!), antioxidants, alcohol and other organic compounds.

My Favorite Part: 15 Health Benefits of Red Wine!

Paul is careful to say that all of these health benefits are possible, not definite, and that they are associated only with moderate amounts of drinking. He balances out the incredibly positive news with a sobering section at the end of his article on the negative effects of red wine (which I haven’t included in this article).

  1. Good for your heart
  2. Improves cholesterol levels
  3. May help you live longer
  4. Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes
  5. Helps with bone mineral density
  6. Counteracts blood clot formation
  7. Prevents cataracts
  8. Fights ulcer-causing bacteria
  9. Aids in weight loss
  10. Improves short term memory
  11. Prevents damage from strokes
  12. Prevents cognitive decline
  13. Fights cavities and tooth decay
  14. Prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  15. (Somewhat) mimics exercise

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful writeup on the health effects of red wine and that you enjoy reading Paul’s full article.


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Cheers, Betty Kaufman
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  1. Thanks for sharing such great information.

    As for the French indulging in saturated fats, the recent studies are no longer shunning saturated fats like many years ago. Studies on causes of heart disease have shown less of an impact for those who eat a lot of saturated fatty foods. But eating polyunsaturated fats are still the fats of choice.

    I’ll drink to that!

  2. Red wine can even help to reduce your body fat percentage! As red wine reduces the cholesterol level and removes all the fatty substances from your body thereby red wine cuts the fatty layers of the body and provides you with a healthy body, here for helping you to lose weight as well.

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