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Champagne Toast - some rights reserved by nImAdestiny
Champagne Toast – some rights reserved by nImAdestiny

According to Wine Folly, December 31st is National Champagne Day, and per October 21st is Global Champagne Day. There are other dates commemorating champagne, too. But as we well know, champagne (with or without the capital “C”) can and should be drunk whenever, wherever, with whomever, and for whatever occasion. And enjoying Champagne in December for the holidays is a given. Here are a few fun facts you may not know about the beautiful bubbly, that you can even entertain your friends with.

Flutes vs. coupes vs. wine glasses? Yes, Virginie, the glass you use to sip your champagne does matter! Champagne is like any other wine—best enjoyed when you can get your nose into it to smell it as well as taste it. So, while the coupes (wide rimmed ‘bowls’) may make you feel close to Marie Antoinette (is that really a mold of her aristocratic breast?), the aromas and bubbles dissipate quickly. The best way to taste champagne is in a wine glass, wherein you can sink your nose and inhale of the champagne’s aroma.

So, there’s no reason for a flute? Au contraire! The fun thing about a flute is that you can really tell if you’re sipping a crème de la crème champagne. One sign of a premium sparkling wine are those continuous streams of tiny bubbles that pick up aromas and flavors and indicate a longer fermentation process prior to bottling. Large, quickly disappearing bubbles are signs of a less well-produced bottle.

What about the chill factor? Champagne is best served sooner than later and chilled shortly rather than taken from long hibernation in the fridge.

So, now you have some new information on the best ways to enjoy champagne (with friends and family) in December (and year round) to help celebrate the many holidays and glorious winter festivities. There are many reasons to pop the cork (slowly, gently and quietly) and sip slowly (the hangover effect is real because the effervescence causes the alcohol to get into your bloodstream faster).

With this I wish you a joyous holiday season, with warmth, love and happiness — and the perfect bottle of Champagne. (Or champagne. Or sparkling wine.) C’est parfait.


As an independent wine consultant with WineShop At Home, I absolutely enjoy bringing a taste of the Napa wine country home to you one sip at a time. Whether you simply love to drink wine, seek a special personalized wine gift, or are in search of a new wine jobs opportunity as a wine consultant, feel free to contact me for a truly unique wine tasting experience!

Cheers, Betty Kaufman
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