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Watermelon and Wine: Til Death Do We Part

I just read the most bizarre factoid about watermelon and wine. Did you know that in the 19th century, a particular monastery decided that the combination would result in your dying and going to hell? OMG. Let’s look into this mystery here.

Watermelon and Wine – from Wine on My Time

The 19th Century Watermelon and Wine Story

VinoApp tells an interesting story about a town near a monastery where some women were raped. Because the region was loaded with grapes and watermelons, the monks determined that this combination resulted in increased libido. They told the people that eating watermelon and drinking wine together would cause them to die and go to hell. 

Believe it or not, there’s a scientific story behind this. Watermelons contain an amino acid that transforms into a compound called Nitric Oxide. Wines contain polyphenols that boost the formation of this compound. Nitric Oxide low and behold is one of the main components of Viagra. 

Argentina Got on Board with This Story Too

Argentina likewise has a wives’ tale that says mixing watermelon and red wine will kill you. According to JourneyAmerica, most Argentinians believe that the combination of the two ingredients will cause digestion problems.

Here’s how some of the author’s Argentine friends say the combination of red wine and watermelon kills you:

  • The combination of the two causes intestinal paralysis.
  • Wine chemically boosts the level of the naturally-occurring toxin arsenic in watermelon.
  • The wine makes the watermelon harden in the gut, creating a “cork” that blocks digestion.
  • The mixture of the two produces some sort of fatal metabolic reaction within the body.

Thank Goodness Wives’ Tales Are Just That

When I read the first article, I searched more than 10 Google pages and came up with almost no bad stories. Instead, I found a ton of yummy stories about combining this wonderful food and drink.

For starters, there are plenty of recipes for watermelon wine, including one by WineTurtle.

AlcoholProfessor offers an amazing-sounding recipe for watermelon frappe, along with other great-sounding recipes for watermelon cocktails.  

How have you enjoyed wine and watermelon?

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