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Red, Red Wine…Is It Time for Some Wine and Music?

Several years ago, I wrote an article on Music and Wine Pairing. Today, my focus will be on wine and music. Not pairing the two, but looking at all of the wonderful songs about wine. I hope you enjoy this.


It's time for some wine and music
It’s time for some wine and music

Google Has a Ton of Sites on Wine and Music

I did some googling and found one site that has 70+ songs about wine and music. Another site has 52. Still another site has 15. And many, many more. OMG. Where do I start?


Well, the first wine song I think about is Red, Red Wine by UB40 (originally by Neil Diamond in 1968!). After that, I have a hard time coming up with anything. So I will now meander through the Google listings.


Zing Instruments gets us started nicely: “From folk-tinged songs by Johnny Cash to the biggest hits of ’90s country, wine plays a pivotal role in many of the stories songwriters and artists tell, whether they’re drinking wine or remembering someone. In 1997, Deana Carter’s ‘Strawberry Wine’ was awarded Single of the Year, and ‘Red Red Wine’ is one of the most popular reggae songs of all time. Pour your favorite blend, or in the words of Billy Joel, “perhaps a bottle of rosé instead,” and raise a glass as you listen to this playlist featuring songs about wine.”, the site that features 70+ songs, breaks their songs down into the following categories:

UnravelingWine categories
UnravelingWine categories


Wow! That’s a lot of categories. Here are some of my favorites from this list:

Some of My Wine and Music Favorites

So much to choose from, but here are some of my favorites.


Others Worth Noting

So many well-known people, both old and new, wrote songs about wine. Of course, Frank Sinatra wrote, but so did Nancy Sinatra. And Johnny Cash.

And wonderful Otis Redding wrote a song called Champagne and Wine.


And two popular country singers, Loretta Lynn and Emmylou Harris.

Plus Chuck Berry.


For current singers, let’s not forget Taylor Swift and Adele.


I was just getting started. I’d love to hear your wine and music favorites.


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