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Have You Tried Wine in Tubes?

Did you know that you can reduce the carbon footprint of wine by a factor of five if you pack your wine in cartons rather than in glass? Wow! It turns out that the glass bottles we love so much are very bad for the environment. According to, two-thirds of a wine’s carbon footprint can be attributed to its packaging, distribution, and storage. Although glass bottles are easily recycled, they add significantly to transport emissions due to their weight. Additionally, producing glass is an energy-intensive activity. So how do we address this issue? One creative way is wine in tubes We will explore wine in tubes, along with other options, in this article.

Wine in tubes
Wine in tubes

Wine Bottle Alternatives

The Grapevine Magazine has a great article on alternatives to wine bottles. They talk about aluminum cans, wine boxes, bag-in-the-box, Tetra Paks, flat wine bottles, kegged wine and more. They highlight the pros and cons of the different options, mentioning life expectancy considerations: “The amount of time that wine stays fresh should always be a top priority when choosing a packaging strategy. Glass bottles are known for their long shelf life and can last for decades because glass does not chemically react with the wine. Wine packaged in cans should have adequate acidity to maintain the freshness of flavors and help it last longer. There have been considerable strides in technological improvements for both oxygen control and bag films. Ten years ago, consumers would often find bag-in-box wine to have inconsistent taste and quality. However, this is hardly a concern today, thanks to the high-tech fillers propelling this industry into the future.”

Wine in Tubes

TUBES founder Glen Ritzen says his company produces and distributes single-serve wines, non-alcoholic cocktails and spirits by the glass, all packed in “innovative, 100% recyclable glass and rPET tubes, in single-serve format (100ml). At the moment, our tubes are 100% recyclable in order to keep our processes as sustainable as possible. Furthermore, our rPET tube is created out of 100% recycled PET material, making them as sustainable as possible. Through our ‘by the glass’ concept, we offer the possibility [for consumers] to really explore, taste and experience wine, encourage responsible drinking and at the same time prevent unnecessary costs and waste,” he explained. Ritzen says the single-serve tube solution will help the wine industry to reduce its environmental impact and increase its sustainability. He says the tubes are also ideal for upselling new vintages by the glass, reducing marketing expenses per customer, while also saving time and the costs associated with logistics and the weight of full-size bottles.

Which Alternative Packaging Appeals to You Most?

I’m pretty psyched about wine in tubes. I love the idea of getting to try a glass of wine at a time. It will be interesting to see how wineries charge for this packaging. Hopefully, the pricing will be attractive.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about these alternative to glass bottles.





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