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Are You Ready for a Backyard Wine Tasting?

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve had great weather for the last 10 days. Sixty-five to 70 degrees, with hotter weather expected over the next few days. I look out at my backyard, filled with aromatic roses and jasmine, and think – it’s time for a backyard wine tasting! Let’s explore what is involved with this wonderful activity.


Is it time for a backyard wine tasting?
Is it time for a backyard wine tasting?

Why Is a Backyard Wine Tasting So Fun?

Wine tastings are a multi-sense sport. You see. You feel. You taste. You smell. When you toast, you hear. Let’s start with seeing. Looking at the color of the wine outside is so much better than looking at it inside. You’re not beholden to a lamp. You’re not beholden to a white shirt. You can see the color in all its sunlit glory. On the feeling front, the wine feels the same in your mouth as it does indoor. But your body is experiencing the feeling of being outside. That is a hard feeling to beat. On the taste and smell side, you could say that the taste and smell are the same indoors and out, but perhaps some of the aromas from your yard play into this experience and even accentuate it.

What Is Involved with a Backyard Wine Tasting?

A backyard wine tasting is similar to an indoor tasting. You just bring everything outside. When I lead such a tasting for you, I bring the wine and wine glasses. You provide the wine-friendly appetizers, for which I’ll make recommendations. You also provide a dump bucket of some kind, in case people don’t want to drink all their wine. We taste the wine, talk about what we’re tasting, compare notes and have a WINEderful time.

Please Call Me to Schedule a Tasting

Whether indoors or out, my tastings are a ton of fun. If you’d like to schedule one, please let me know. Call me at 650-714-7009, or email me at  Cheers!

As an independent wine consultant with WineShop At Home, I absolutely enjoy bringing a taste of the Napa wine country home to you one sip at a time. Whether you simply love to drink wine, seek a special personalized wine gift, or are in search of a new wine jobs opportunity as a wine consultant, feel free to contact me for a truly unique wine tasting experience!

Cheers, Betty Kaufman
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